Wide Range Collection of 10ft Heavy Duty Petcords for Dogs and Cats – PETCORDS USA
10ft cord protector for dogs

PetCords Heavy Duty, Extra Strength Dog and Cat Cord Protector- 10 ft, for Tough chewers - Unscented, Odorless

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PetCords were designed with the safety of your pets as the #1 concern in our minds. This product acts as a second barrier of defense against pets chewing on household cable. Our pet safety device fits onto most household cables and gives you the added comfort and reassurance that your pet is protected when at home.

Works well with household cables, TV cables, printer cables, lighting cables, kitchen appliance cables. Fits on most 14-gauge width cables (universal size and width for most house-hold cables)

Perfect for Dogs, Cats and other small animals. Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils and other rodents and small household critters. Works as a great line of protection for small animals that have a propensity to chew.

Please read the warning and disclaimer on our packaging to prevent misuse of the Petcords. We always want you and your pets to be safe.

Key Features:

· Protects insulated cables from the teeth of your pet.

· Acts as a second barrier of defense!

· Keeps your pets safe!!!

· Proudly Made in the United States of America!!!!!!!!

· Unscented (NO BAD ODORS)