Keep Your Pets Safe from Cables with Best Pet Cord Protectors – PETCORDS USA


This PetCord has worked great on my cables around the house. This prevented my cats and dogs from chewing on the cable.

Ok let's be clear this product is great and best of all it doesn't smell at all. Unfortunately it wasn't long enough for all my cables. The product works 100% awesome. If you want a solution to protect your cable, this is by far the best solution. I encourage to get this product. AND IT DOESN'T SMELL AT ALL!! God bless all animal lovers out there.

Love the fact that the protector is clear and odorless. We have put it on the electrical cords for our floor lamps. So far so good. Bunny hasn't chewed through them.

Great product! I feel a little better putting them on any wires that aren't hidden so that my puppy won't hurt himself by chewing on it! I am planning on buying more for the other rooms!