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What Makes PETCORDS Unique?

What Makes PETCORDS Unique?

PETCORDS has been on the market for over 7 years now with customers coming back for more. Our brand has consistently been a reliable consumer choice for “pet proofing” households. PETCORDS have been tested on countless pets- dogs, cats, bunnies, small critters and even birds! The proprietary blend of safe, unscented materials helps to protect pets from the electrical dangers of chewing on electrical cables by adding that extra layer of protection. We often get the question from customers- “what makes PETCORDS different than just getting plastic from Home Depot?” Here are a few distinct points:


  1. PETCORDS already come with a pre-cut slit that makes the application onto household cables quick, easy and pain free!
  2. Thoroughly tested on a variety of pets to ensure strength and durability for tough chewers
  3. Proudly made in the USA without any strong odors

If you are interested in safety proofing your home, then PETCORDS has the solutions! We offer our cord protectors in a variety of strengths, lengths and colors. For more information on which cord would be best suited for your home, contact us at

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