Bunny-Proofing Your Home 101

Bunny-Proofing Your Home 101

Do you give your rabbit an endless supply of the good stuff- hay, apples and branches; but they still love the off-limit stuff like your electrical wires, furniture and carpet? Well, it’s about time to bunny-proof your home! PETCORDS have effectively bunny-proofed many homes by safeguarding electrical cables and cords in the house. Our proprietary cord protector’s heavy-duty strength works great at preventing cord destruction from intense bunny chewing. PETCORDS protect bunnies from electrical shock and serious injury and or death. Bunny-proofing your home can help salvage your home from ruin but your rabbit will still have a tendency to chew and here’s why:


  • Need for more fiber (ie. Hay) in their diets
  • Instinct to dig a burrow and nest for their future offspring
  • Under stimulation and boredom
  • Stress
  • Wearing teeth down if they get too long

Our team highly recommends applying PETCORDS Heavy Duty Strength cord protectors throughout your home. They are made out of safe, non-toxic materials and manufactured directly in the US. For more information or questions, please email info@petcords.com .

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