Why do cats like electrical cables so much? Cats are naturally attracted to thermal heat. They are instinctually drawn things like the warmth of electrical cables or the body heat trapped in a bed. Felines have the ability to visibly detect certain temperatures that other animals or even humans, may not be able to detect. This ability has helped cats easily hunt at night and detect moving prey for over thousands of years.


In addition to a cats natural attraction to heat, they seek out warm household cables due to boredom and curiosity. The thermal heat that radiates from many household cords (that only cats can detect), can lead to cats nibbling, playing, clawing and putting these cables in their mouths. As a pet safety company, we knew that we had to design an even stronger cord protector for a cats’ super sharp incisors. So, we tweaked our existing PETCORD and MEOWCORDS were born! This new cord protector, designed specifically for cats, is just the right product to protect your feline friends. MEOWCORDS offer a proprietary blend of materials that are stronger and more effective against sharp claws and teeth due to the extra layer of protection. MEOWCORDS will be launching in the spring of 2023.

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