PETCORDS, the #1 cord protector, come in a variety of sizing and color options to fit your home needs. Our 6FT cord works well with iPhone charging cables and other USB cables. The diameter on this 6FT cord is slightly smaller than our traditional 10FT cord protectors. The most common unit we sell is the 10FT cord protector because of the larger range of household cables that can accommodate this length and diameter. The 10FT cord fits well on traditional kitchen appliance cables, extension cords, printer cables, power cords and so much more. Our 20FT and 50FT lengths have the same diameter as the 10FT cord but are better suited for those longer cords in your home. People with oxygen tanks have particularly liked purchasing our 50FT cords.


In addition to our regular, clear cord protectors, we offer a heavy duty option. Our heavy duty cord protectors are great for tough chewers. This propriety blend of material adds an increased barrier of defense for those pets who are extremely destructive. This strength works great for pets with very sharp teeth such as small critters, bunnies, etc. If you’re looking to purchase our colored cord protectors, we offer black, grey and white in select sizes. For more information or further questions, please email

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