Our Mission of Saving Pets and Educating Pet Parents!

Our Mission of Saving Pets and Educating Pet Parents!

I launched my career in the pet retail industry over 7 years ago when I made the choice to turn my passion for pets into a monetary driving force in my life. Quickly after adopting my first puppy, I learned how ferocious his propensity to chew on anything and everything was; so, I searched for a solution. However, I found that the pet products industry was lacking quality safety products. Therefore, I took the initiative to develop products for other health conscious, quality seeking pet parents and their furry friends.

PETCORDS were developed with your pets’ safety in mind. PETCORDS are US-made, unscented, flexible cord protectors that fit seamlessly onto most household electrical cables. There is a pre-cut slit on the PETCORD which makes slipping the desired cable into the protector very easy to do. We want to be the ultimate chew proof cord protectors (anti chew wire protector) ! The best benefit from our product is the countless number of pets’ lives we have saved from electrical shock over the years. We have sold over 1 million units worldwide and counting! Happy customers include dogs, cats, hamsters, bunnies, guinea pigs, and small household pets.  We offer a variety of different buying options that fit your home’s desired length, strength and color:

  • LENGTHS: 6FT, 10FT, 20FT, 50FT
  • STRENGTHS: Regular and Heavy Duty
  • COLORS: Clear, Black, Grey

If you’re looking to protect your furry friends from electrical dangers and your cables from destruction then PETCORDS is your best solution! For more information, you can go to petcords.com.

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