Pet Hoodz for Dogs-Anxiety, Grooming, Ear Muffs, Dog Ear Protection, Calming Hood, Ear Compression, Pet Hoodie, Dog Hoodie, Dog Ear Wrap

Size: Small
Color: Lavender
Sale price$11.99
  • SOFT, EXPANDABLE FABRIC DOG CALMING HOODIE: Pet Hoodz works well on small dog breeds all the way up to large breeds. Our dog hoodies come in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. We offer 4 different colors as well: Blue, Black, Lavender, Grey and many more colors to come in the near future! Our dog calming hood has been tested on hundreds of dogs with many satisfied customers around the world.
  • GROOMING TOOL RECOMMENDED BY GROOMERS, VETS AND SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: Groomers love Pet Hoodz's very durable and washable blend of materials which acts as a great calming aid during blow drying time. If your dog is scared of loud noises, this is a great way to calm them by simply wrapping the Pet Hoodz around your dog’s head. Pet Hoodz is also effective for other uses such as dog hearing protection, dog noise cancelling, dog ear muffs for scary sounds such as thunderstorms and more.
  • COMFORTABLE STRESS REDUCER PRODUCT FOR DOGS: Our ear wraps for dogs provides a comforting effect that will soothe pets. This product complements and can increase the efficiency of other calming remedies such as dog anxiety vests, fireworks and separation anxiety jackets, stress collars and calming scarves.
  • NATURAL EAR PROTECTION: Pet Hoodz not only helps protect a dog's ears from unnecessary waste entering the ear canal but it can also pull back long ears during meal time. Pet Hoodz are the ultimate K9 ear protection because it can also help with preventing and healing hematomas, controlling bleeding, aerating ears by speeding up an ear infection recovery time and protecting the ears after surgery.
  • SIZING CHART: Please refer to our size chart. We distribute Pet Hoodz to veterinary clinics all around the country and its proven results keep the customers coming back for more. We are actively perfecting the product with new sizing to meet all pet specifications. This expandable, comfortable fabric is not only machine washable but it also is an economical calming aid for dogs who suffer from anxiety during stressful situations.
  • OTHER USES: Pet Hoodz’s other uses include ear protection from scratching, fireworks, winter, stress and anxiety. Pet Hoodz can also be used as dog ear muffs for the cold, dog headband for showers, dog ear protection for swimming and dog ear wrap for shaking heads. Designed in the USA.